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Sai is the name for a traditional Okinawan weapon.
All of our sai are sold in pairs (you get one pair for one purchase), and our large selection will ensure that you wil be able to find the right sai for you. We also have sai teaching aids that will help weild these unique weapons correctly.
Sai are constructed in a variety of forms. Traditional sai are round, while some reproductions have adapted an octagonal middle prong. The yoku are traditionally symmetrical. We carry octagonal and round sai in a variety of sizes.
The sai's utility as a weapon is reflected in its distinctive shape. With skill, it can be used against a long sword by trapping the sword's blade in the sai's handle. There are several different ways of wielding the sai which give it the versatility to be used both lethally and non-lethally. The sai is primarily used as a striking weapon or for short jabs into the solar plexus. The sai also has many defensive uses in blocking other weapons.
Octagon Sai
Octagon Sai! We have tons! There's sure to be one that will fit your size and likeing!
Sai Accessories
Sai accessories to help you with all of your sai needs! Sai cases, Sai instructional videos! Check out our stuff!
Traditional Sai
Traditional Round Sai! We have all kinds in all sizes! Get yours today!
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