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Authentic Full Size Ninja Mask

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Authentic Ninja Mask
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Just like the ones worn in the movie Three Ninja. We have several different color combinations. Hand Painted.  Fits your face.

"AI-YAH!" came a voice from a young ninja, wearing a dark green gi (gi is a ninja uniform or suit) who appeared out of nowhere, thrusting his wooden bow forward aimed as his opponent who until that moment had been walking stealthily in the shadows of a thick foliaged forest. Standing alone, now vulnerable and exposed in the open the black ninja heard the green ninja’s presence and in defence blocked the incoming bow, with his own bow.

Immediately the green ninja made another attempt, but was unsuccessful as the black ninja’s bow thrust the bow out of the green ninja’s grip and then was aimed at the green ninja’s legs, making him trip up and then land on the ground with a soft thud.

As the green ninja fell to the ground, defeated, a blue ninja appeared in his place. In each of his hands he held two silver ninja stars. With speed and precision the blue ninja threw the ninjas stars, one by one, immediately after releasing the one before it, but failed to make it past the wooden bow that the black ninja used to thrust the stars aside, like worthless, light pieces of scrap metal. Yelling out from his failed attempts the blue ninja with sudden, unpredictable movement, thrust forward with his strong body, throwing wild and uncontrollable kicks and punches at the black ninja.

A smaller yellow ninja came out from behind a nearby tree to assist the blue ninja in his attempt to defeat the black ninja with body combat. Throwing kicks and punching in every direction of the black ninja they fought fearlessly but was unable to overcome the skill of the black ninja who opposed them alone and also blocked all strikes thrown in his direction, what seemed effortlessly.

After blocking a high blow to the head, the black ninja threw a small unrecognisable object to the ground, then smiled behind his mask as thick grey smoke appeared around him and in the commotion he disappeared from sight.

The three boys yelled in disappointment once the smoke dispersed, revealing the missing and undefeated black ninja.

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