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Warrior Angels

Mystica Collection

Our Warrior Angel collection is one of our many lines of collectibles that we offer for our customers! If you enjoy these types of collectibles you have an obligation to yourself to check out our other Mystica Collections Lines.

Warrior Angels

Warrior Angels are magnificent giants! Girded in armor from head to toe. The armor looked as if it were literally their body parts. Their coloring was pewter, even the wings. The top of the helmets had a sharp pointed piece that seemed to go up to the sky. If they should bend their head forward, that piece would pierce completely through a body. Every part of them is ready for battle. They each hold spears in their left hands and the tips were a burning fire, an eternal flame that nothing and no one could extinguish. Their shields were solid gold, so bright it hurt the eyes to look at them and too heavy for any human to carry. Their breastplates were like steel doors nothing could penetrate. Their feet were in boots that were pointed on the toe and made like cleats that held them firmly standing. I knew nothing could knock them over or move them. The most fascinating characteristic was their wings. They appeared as feathers. Like all feathers they were made of individual, fine hairpieces that formed their shape. Each feather tip was poisonous. If anything brushed against the feathers it would wither and die instantly. As they stood there in all their glory, they were touching as if to form a chain that I knew could not be broken. The flame on the spears represented the eternal fire and wrath of God. The gold shields were representative of God's eternal love and light. I knew that evil could not break the chain of Gods protection.


Angel in Biblical Hebrew is mal ak . Its main meaning is messenger. They do Gods errands mostly to tell us about something God is doing or is about to do. They can lead people to do, or not to do things, but they do not interfere with peoples own choices. Angels are also reported to have a protective role, while Scripture is not clear on how this works, the reports of the faithful over the years are clear about it. Oh, yes, they are not always nice.

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