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Tabi Boots

Tabi or also called tabi boots or tabi socks are a japanese sock that have a split in the sock for the large toe so that they may comfortably be worn with sandals. There are two basic types of tabi. The odori tabi socks which people call the tabi boot or the stretch tabi socks.

 Tabi - Tabi Boots
Tabi or also called tabi boots are called odori. Odori tabi socks are made of  cotton and have a vinyl sole bottom with clasps on the back. The term tabi boot was coined by westerners for the sock goes past the ankle and resemble boots. Odori tabi socks are purchased to the exact fit of the persons foot. The tabi are popular among traditional japanese dancers and theater artists. The vinyl sole bottom of the tabi protects their feet since japanese shoes are not normally worn during performances. However, the odori tabi socks are difficult to maintain because they must be hand washed and line dried so they will not shrink.

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Ninja Tabi Socks
MSRP: $8.99
Price: $4.99
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Ninja Tabi Socks
Don't forget your Tabi Socks to go with your Tabi Boots! These socks have a spit in between the big toe and second toe. These are super comfortable, yet very durable! Wear with your no only your Tabi Boots, but with ANY shoes or just around the house!
Tabi Boots High Top
Price: $49.99
Tabi Boots High Top
These Tabbi Boots are a reproduction of a ninja boot. The split toe feature is designed to improve the foots gripping ability, while the ridged rubber soles improve traction and are virtually soundless.
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