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Ceramic and Porcelain Elephant Figurines

Porcelain Elephant Figurines

Elephants represent strength, fidelity, long memory, patience, wisdom, conjugal felicity.  These elephant figurines are all made from porcelain. Porcelain has long been considered valuable by different civilizations.  

African Elephants are the largest land mammals. They stand 2.2- 2.6m (females) to 3.2 -4.0m (males) at the shoulder. Distinguishing characters are the large ears that aid in temperature regulation; the tusks that are used for fighting, digging, and eating; and the trunk that is used for breathing, communication, feeding, and drinking. Their bodies are grey in color and sparsely haired. There are only six teeth, which erupt throughout life, replacing each other as they move forward. Once the sixth tooth has worn down, there are no more, and animals may starve to death.


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Porcelain Elephant Figurine Bank
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Porcelain Elephant Figurine Bank
This adorable elephant bank is open for business! Measures approximately 7'' x 5''! A cute personality make this Porcelain Elephant Figurine ready for display. Warm up any room when you add this piece to it! Perfect gift for kids!
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