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Ninjas are stealthy and smart. They could track down ANYONE. They also knew their flaws and corrected them. Being the proficient trackers they were, they realized that they, too, could be tracked, especially while wearing tabi or split toed boots. This problem was solved by the invention of many types of "footprints" carved out of wood and attached to the soles of the Ninja's tabi.

The ashiaro took many shapes such as a bear's or a dog's and they also were made to imitate human prints. These prints made the Ninja's tracks look like those of a child by making the ashiaro small and shaped like a child's foot or the Ninja could be made to look like a cripple by deforming the shape of the ashiaro. Wearing these footprints, a Ninja could walk confidently through enemy territory and not worry about being tracked. After all, the Samurai wouldn't consider a cripple or a child a threat.
Blowguns! Very cheap and fun. We have darts and quivers too! Come check us out! Everything you need and everything you can use to shoot through your blowgun. Poppers, needles, darts, paintballs, cones, wires, stundart.
Ninja Clothing
Do you need the perfect Ninja outfit? We've got it! You can be a Ninja with these fantastic and authentic articles of Ninja clothing! We have full head to toe uniforms, tabi boots and socks, masks and hoods, plus much more!
Ninja Tools
Ninja Tools Big Give away Sale! These Tools Are Marked Down Over 50 Percent Off. Free Facts Available About Ninja Tools! Ninja tools include climbing claws, feet claws, throwing spikes, caltrops, ninja swords, warrior swords, shurikens, and hidden stars
Tabi Boots
Ninjas are some of the coolest guys you wish to be. Garbed in black. Sneaking around quietly in the dark. Climbing walls and rooftops. And offing enemies, usually some high ranking shogun right under their samurai guards. Tabi boots are a must.
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three sectional staff hardwood with chain 5308
Price: $39.99
three sectional staff hardwood with chain 5308
Originating from China, the three-section staff is a flail weapon historically made of white oak or Chinese red maple. The three-section staff was used in combat as an extension of one's arm to strike, flail, block, choke, disarm, whip, and entangle an en
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