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Mystical Knives

Collectible Knives

The art of collecting knives has progressed over the years. These collectors see the beauty and art in these amazing creations. These knives are put on display for friends and spectators to admire, and sometimes envy.

Creators of Knives

The creators of these knives take many hours making thier visions a reality. Every part of the weapon is carefully crafted and detailed to perfection. The creators imagination is very broad and mysterious, allowing these beautiful and mystifying weapons to be created.

Knives for Collectors

We offer knives from the brilliant minds of Gil Hibben and Kit Rae, whose work is well known all over the world. Both have been creating more beautiful designs than ever. We have the Shadow Slayer, The Scorpion, The Leviathan,and many more. Enjoy!
Enjoy browsing a full line of unique fantasy blades for the true collector. Each dagger and knife takes you back to an ancient world of dark mysticism and expectations. A time when bravery and honor were all you needed or perhaps a touch of magic
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Unicorn Letter Opener
Unicorn Letter Opener
MSRP: $9.99
Price: $4.99
You Save: $5.00 (50 %)
Unicorn Letter Opener
Unicorn Letter Opener
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