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Collectible Knives

The art of collecting knives has progressed over the years. These collectors see the beauty and art in these amazing creations. These knives are put on display for friends and spectators to admire, and sometimes envy.

Creators of Knives

The creators of these knives take many hours making thier visions a reality. Every part of the weapon is carefully crafted and detailed to perfection. The creators imagination is very broad and mysterious, allowing these beautiful and mystifying weapons to be created.

Knives for Collectors

We offer knives from the brilliant minds of Gil Hibben and Kit Rae, whose work is well known all over the world. Both have been creating more beautiful designs than ever. We have the Shadow Slayer, The Scorpion, The Leviathan,and many more. Enjoy!

Bowie Knives
Check out our bowie knife selection! Quality Bowie knives at value prices!It doesnt get any lower than this! Priced as low as they go. Bowie knives are great for hunting and can be used in everyday application.
Boxed Gift Knives
Top Quality folding knives made of stainless steel and razor sharp. All come with gift box. Buy several for gifts! Get yours while supplies last. Normally selling for 19.99 we are offering our close out stock at only 9.99 each!
Collectible Knives
Knives! Knives for the Collector!We have a good selection of Gil Hibben Collectible Knives! Good Prices! A great deal!
Our newest collection of daggers. Unique and at a discount price. Order while supply lasts!! A dagger is a typically double-edged blade used for stabbing or thrusting. They often fulfil the role of a secondary weapon.
Dragon Daggers
Dragons has been part of mythology for thousands of years. Legends from all across the world have at least a story to tell about some form of dragon.
Fantasy Knives
Knife Collectors will really enjoy this site. We offer a nice selection of Gil Hibben and United Cutlery Brand Knives. Anyone of these unique styles would be a beautiful addition to any collection.
Hunting Knife
It is impossible to pick one single 'best' hunting knife. There are simply too many factors that will determine what is best for you. Hunting knife styles range from versatile to extremely specialized.
Knives on Keychains
Keychain knives are very handy. If you are looking for a discount on a Keychain knife you are in the right place. We have a decent selection of Keychain knives at great prices!
Knives on Sale - Special Deals
These knives are real bargains, prices are knocked down to knives you can afford. Scoop up on the savings. When they are sold out, we are out!
Medieval Knives
Medieval Knives! Beautiful Collector's Items. Replicas from the Middle Ages. Come Check us Out!
Mystical Knives
Collectible Fantasy Knives! Gil Hibben and United Fantasy Art Collectibles. Great Prices. Check it Out!
Pocket Knives
Discount priced decorative pocket knives! Check out our great selection! These knives have unique handles with quality blades and low, low prices!
Pocket Knives (Brand Name)
Quality Brand name pocket knives!!! Your pocket knife says as much about you as your shoes! Make sure it's all good! We have Brand name pocket knives priced affordably and starting at JUST 13.99!
Throwing Knives
Some of the best looking knives youve ever seen! Just click the button and take a look! We have quality knives with heavy leather sheath sat affordable prices!
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Price: $29.99
Skinner knife 3" blade with wooden handle 2490
Price: $13.99
Skinner knife 3" blade with wooden handle 2490
This Skinner knife is used for hunting,fishing,camping and outdoor fun.
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