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The very first horses evolved on the North American Continent over 55 million years ago. Over millions of years they roamed the grasslands slowly extending their range to most of the continents on earth. Then horses migrated across the Bering land bridge from North America into what is now Siberia. From there, they spread across Asia into Europe and south to the Middle East and Northern Africa. In the Orient and in Feng Shui, horses are a sign of prosperity and success!

Ceramic Horses
These figurines are made of high-gloss finish ceramic, which adds a certain richness to any room's decor. If you prefer original and unique art, and love the beautiful and wild spirit of the horse, our ceramic horses are an excellent choice!
Decorative Horses
As accessories, these beautiful horse statues help to liven up a dull interior. Horse statues can do wonders to a home or office! Horses represent hard work and success, according to Feng Shui tradition.
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