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Hand Carved Wooden Elephants

Elephants represent strength, fidelity, long memory, patience, wisdom, conjugal felicity.
African Elephants are the largest land mammals. They stand 2.2- 2.6m (females) to 3.2 -4.0m (males) at the shoulder. Distinguishing characters are the large ears that aid in temperature regulation; the tusks that are used for fighting, digging, and eating; and the trunk that is used for breathing, communication, feeding, and drinking. Their bodies are grey in color and sparsely haired. There are only six teeth, which erupt throughout life, replacing each other as they move forward. Once the sixth tooth has worn down, there are no more, and animals may starve to death.
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Carved Swirl Elephant
MSRP: $9.99
Price: $4.99
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Carved Swirl Elephant
Beautiful Wood Carved Look Elephant with uplifted trunk for good luck. Change your luck and order this collectable today. At $5.99 this elephant is a lucky deal. This beautifully crafted elephant measures approxmiately 2" tall.
Stone Carved Elephant with Baby Nestled in Stomach
MSRP: $26.99
Price: $12.99
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Stone Carved Elephant with Baby Nestled in Stomach
This stone carving with its intricate detail makes this Elephant with Baby an unbelievable deal! The baby is nestled within the mother elephant; this showcases the family bonds that are prevalent within the species. 4'' x 3'' x 2''.
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