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Gun and Sword Holders

Wall Decoratives

Where do we begin when it comes to discussing wall decor? There are as many styles of taste in wall decor as there are people on the planet! But to narrow it down, most experts divide decorative accessories by native lands. Wall decor comes in the form of everything from African masks to European bas relief art to Chinese scrolls to Egyptian hieroglyphics on limestone. The list goes on and on, and needless to say, we hardy have enough space to cover even a tad bit of the variety available. Just keep in mind, anything goes! Whether youre hanging beaded necklaces from an Indian reservation to tapestries from India or from Star Trek posters to Renaissance paintings, there is something for the walls and tastes of everyone! Some wall hangings are decorative, while others are more practical. In this section we will be giving you a selection of decorative wall and desk weapon holders. Take a look around! And just click when youre ready to order!

Desk Weapon Holders

Any medieval England fans in the house? These weapon holders are perfect for history buffs, fans of knights and armor and martial artists! If you like accessories and decoratives that make you feel right at home with the Knights of the Round Table or that make you feel like a samurai warrior of many moons ago, you'll enjoy these wall accessories!

Wall Hangers for Weapons

Weapons hangers today have come a long way from the typical hooks and shelves of the past! Today, hangers for hanging your sword or rifle are almost as stylish as the weapon they hold! We have a selection that will make you look differently at wall hangers. From a samurai warrior figurine for martial artists to a gun desk holder. Enjoy our variety!

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