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Dragon Daggers

Dragons has been part of mythology for thousands of years. Legends from all across the world have at least a story to tell about some form of dragon. To each nation and person a dragon has a different connotation and meaning. Western society believed dragons to be evil, whereas the Chinese society believed dragons to be healers and protectors.  Where did dragons originate from? Did people actually catch a glimpse of a dragon? Maybe there were still dinosaurs roaming the earth, when man had a visions of a dragon. Like the Bermuda triangle with all its secrets, dragons pose more questions than answers. To us dragons are alive and will always be part of who we are. Dragons are mystical, imaginary and magical. Dragons possess an aire of grace, essence and poise that few other mystical being do. Whether you are dragon lover - or a dragon collector we should have something that should fit your needs and budget.
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Fire Dragon Dagger
MSRP: $49.99
Price: $29.99
You Save: $20.00 (40 %)
Fire Dragon Dagger
Dragon Daggers! Fantasy knives! Some even come with stands! Buy yours today! Its a purchase you'll never regret!
Price: $4.99
A gold handled dragon dagger. The blade is about 3.5" and the total length is 6". This is little dagger knife and is a great purse dagger or desk knife.
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