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World mythology are boundless with stories of dolphins, whales and porpoises, collectively known as cetacea.  This popularity may stem from the impressive size of the large whales, or the playful exertions of the acrobatic dolphins, not to mention the many stories of cetacea coming to the aid of shipwrecked sailors and stranded fishermen. Several themes commonly appear in ancient mythology from Greece to the tiny islands of the Pacific, though there is one element present in all: since time immemorial humans and cetacea have shared a very close, and quite unique, bond. Moreover, this appears to be as true today as it was five thousand years ago.

Dolphin Collectable Sculptures
Dolphins are very intelligent and are fascinating animals There are 32 different species of dolphins .
Dolphin Home Accents
The sea tends to bring out superstition. There are gods of wind and sea, and they were thought to determine the course of seafarers. Dolphins, being in the sea, were often connected to various myths.
Dolphin Miniature Collectables
Check out our large assortment of Dolphin Miniature Collectables. Most are less than 5.00! This is a great section for dolphin lovers and those searching for that special gift.
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