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Definitions of Dim Mak on the Web:

Dim Mak is training the use of the pressure points in some styles of Chinese Martial Arts to kill or incapacitate an opponent.

Dim Mak (Death Touch) is an ancient martial art that consists of striking certain points on the body to cause illness or death. The points are usually called Dim Mak points, but they are also referred to as vital points and pressure points. The majority of these points correspond to the same locations as acupuncture points. Dim Mak is an extremely dangerous Martial Art, that can cause a great deal of damage to the human body. The effects of attacking the Dim Mak points include knockout, death, and a delayed death. Many have seen videotapes and seminars where a subject loses consciousness after being struck at certain points. Although this is a very dramatic demonstration method, it could have dangerous consequences.

Many believe that Dim Mak was created centuries ago by the same man who is believed to have developed the original Tai Chi form. Some have postulated that this form contained the founder's methods of attacking the most dangerous Dim Mak points. According to legend, this knowledge spread rapidly and influenced the development of many Chinese Martial Arts. These Martial Arts then influenced the ancient Okinawan Martial Art, called Karate. It is believed by many that the traditional katas of the Okinawan Martial Arts also contain the secrets of striking the Dim Mak points. This is interesting because Okinawan Karate has had a major impact on the Martial Arts of Korea and Japan. Thus, it is conceivable that the traditional katas of these other Martial Arts could also contain the secrets of Dim Mak.

In the past, this knowledge was only taught to the most advanced and trusted students. As the Martial Arts spread around the world, the knowledge of Dim Mak (Pressure Point Fighting) remained in seclusion. Thus, the true nature of many Martial Arts remained shrouded in secrecy. Recently this tradition of secrecy has been broken and there are Martial Arts masters who teach the methods of attacking the vital points to the public. This information is now available at seminars, in books, and on videotapes. Although this has had a positive effect on the Martial Arts, it does raise the issue of safety.

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