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You will find to your delight thousands of decorative items to fit your budget, lifestyle and taste. We have Satsuma Vases, Zodiac Items, Yin Yang Decor, Incense, Feng Shui Decor, Oriental Umbrellas, Wizards, Dragon, Money Frogs, Buddhas, Money Cats, Dragon Turtles, Shaolin Monk Statues, Terra Cotta Warriors, Windchimes, Feng Shui Good Luck Charms, Love Draw Items, Money Draw Items, Wine Glasses, Wolves and Tigers, Elephants, Saki Sets, Tea Sets, Teas, Party Items, Oriental Party Decor, Paper Lanterns, Smoking Accessories, Crystals, Tibetian Items, Sword Style Letter Openers, Oriental Screens, Oriental Art, Wall Scrolls, Oriental Pictures, Oriental Plates, Shard Boxes, Fans of All Shapes and Sizes, Zodiac Jade Figurines, Oriental Dolls, Decorative Eggs, Fairy Decorative Items and so much more!

African American Figurines
For the best in home decorating! African American Treasures! Church scenes that are both charming and captivating! These make the perfect gift and at low prices too!
African Decor
Africa is considered by most paleoanthropologists to be the oldest inhabited territory on Earth, with the human species originating from the continent.
Around The Home
Making a house into a home is a special art. Get comfy and cozy with these delightfully whimsical and warm home accents.
Birds are believed to be a transcendence of the soul: souls, divine manifestations, spirits of the air, ascendants to heavens and are said to have the ability to communicate with the gods. To many nations and cultures, birds are perceived as divine.
Bruce Lee Items
Bruce Lee, the Martial Arts master and creator Of Jeet Kune Do can be with you in mind and spirit. Have his spirit grace your home with these wonderful decorative items to invoke his indomitable spirit.
Buddha Figurines
Buddha, the "Enlightened One" lived from about 563 BC to about 483 BC. At 29, he gave up his courtly life of comfort for monastic wanderings in search of truth.
Butterflies bring joy into your life and harmony into your household. Decorate with them the easy way!
Calligraphy Sets
Unique gifts at great prices! Our great selection of beautifully exquisite calligraphy sets can be found here!
Candle Holders
For centuries, candles have cast a light on man's progress. Cozy candlelight is a welcome comfort in the home. Add a lovely candleholder and they make excellent decorative touches, as well.
Cats have been the protagonists of mythology and legends from all over the world. Cultures have worshipped them, others have condemned them; today people give them free room and board in exchange for maybe a little mousing, and of course, lots of love!!
Chess Sets
For the most unique chess sets ever click here! Everything from King Arthur to Ancient Egypt!
Chinese Games
Beautiful Chinese International Chess Sets and Chinese Games at low prices! Add some spice to your game collection! Click here!
Chinese Kites
Flying a kite is a hobby that dates back 2000 years - from simple flat kites to very elaborate, decorated kites. There are kite clubs for people who love to fly regularly and create new and unique kites.
Chinese Zodiac
Beautiful red soapstone carvings of the Chinese Zodiac, perfect for the home, office or gifts!
Chinese Zodiac Jade
Quality and affordability! Learn about the Chinese Zodiac with these beautiful jade carvings of the Chinese Zodiac for home, office, or gifts!
Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon Figurines
These wonderful figurines are approximately 8 inches tall and have wonderful detail. Buy a set for yourself, and get another set for free! This is a closeout item and will not be offered again!
Curtains And Blinds
Beautiful and elegant window and door coverings from the Far East.
Decorative Crystals
Beautifully crafted crystals sure to brighten any home!
Decorative Eglomise Eggs
Chinese egg painting, later to be called Eglomise, seems to have originated around 772 B.C. with a Chinese chieftain giving out edible painted eggs as a way of celebrating Spring.
Decorative Oriental Boxes
Large selection of Oriental Home Decoratives, including boxes for jewelry and to use as small, ornate storage containers!
World mythologies are boundless with stories of dolphins, whales, and porpoises, collectively known as cetacea.
Dragons have been part of mythology for thousands of years. Legends from all across the world have at least a story to tell about some form of dragon. To each nation and person a dragon has a different connotation and meaning. What do they mean to you?
Egyptian Items
Egyptian The 1922 discovery of the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamen made "King Tut" an instant celebrity and placed him among the most famous of Egypt's ancient rulers. Tut's tomb was just the beginning look here for Egyptian themed treasures of your own!
Elvis Cards
It was estimated that Elvis Presley has sold over one billion record units worldwide,more than anyone in record industry history.
Erotic Statues
Why Karma Sutra? One answer might be the fact that the text offers readers relief from sexual guilt. After all, the book is built on the premise that lovemaking is a necessary and sacred aspect of everyday life.
Exotic Jade Trees
We have an attractive selection of Oriental Jade Trees! These beautiful trees have soft muted colors. These Oriental Jade Trees are great decorative ideas for a calm, peaceful environment.
Fairies and Fantasy
Faeries are often portrayed in Western children’s stories as tiny, winged, and good-hearted. However, this description varies widely in worldwide folk traditions.
Feng Shui Bells, Chimes And Good Luck Charms
Perfect for clearing a space or just to bring in good luck and good chi, bells and chimes are used to enhance a specific corner or space. Great for opening closed areas and drawing good fortune!
Fragrance Oil Burners
Beautiful scented oil burners in a wide variety of styles, sure to suit every taste.
General Kwan Kung Figurines
Kwan Kung Figurines For Your Home!
Very few animals have the grace, beauty and allure of a horse. The beauty and simplicity of our horse statues blends with everything from the most traditional decors to the most modern decors possible.
Kung Fu Kid Figurines
Martial Artists are sometimes unfairly accused of being a bit serious. Well now you can show everyone your humorous side with these Kung Fu Kid figurines! We have a large selection of Kung Fu Kid figurines in a variety of poses!
Martial Arts Figurines
Check out our great Martial Arts statues, in a wide variety of stances and poses. They make excellent gifts for the Martial Arts practitioner.
Martial Arts Posters
Karate Posters at discount prices! Bruce Lee, ninja and instructional posters! Perfect gift for the martial arts enthusiast! Check out our selection!
Decorative Chinese Masks for interior decorating or fun! Make your home your dream! Quality products at affordable prices! Hang them on the wall or wear them!
As well as their physical beauty, mermaids are said to have enchanting voices. Sailors who hear the mermaid song can become so bewitched that they think of nothing but getting closer to the beautiful music.
Native Tribes
The Native Tribes have done their part in enriching our cultures and lives. Without these tribes, life as we know it would be very different. The statues in this collection pay homage to the Indian way of life and are a great collection series.
Oil Paintings
Revitalize your home's decor with these unique and elegant pieces of art. Each one is created by international artists. All of these pieces are stretched and wrapped on wooden frames. They are ready to hang, no additional frame required.
Oriental Cork Art
One look at one of these cork art pictures and you'll marvel at how they were made! Small slivers of cork and finely whittled stems are combined and glued to make everything from elaborate trees to majestic pagodas! A beautiful art form indeed!
Oriental Decorations
Asian inspired decor is one of our most popular decor styles. Ninja Gear is pleased to offer a wide range of fine quality Asian decor items and home accents.
Oriental Dolls And Figurines
Discount prices! Large selection of oriental doll and figurine accessories at low, low, prices! Some cute and some classy! Click here! Bobble Heads and more to delight and amuse you.
Oriental Games
Beautiful Chinese Oriental Chess Sets and Chinese Games at low prices! Add some spice to your game collection! Click here! Majhong, Chess, Checkers and more to delight you and your family!
Oriental Kites to make you Smile
Beautiful Oriental Kites, perfect for adding a lively splash of color to any decor!
Oriental Party Lanterns
Low, Low Prices on Oriental home accessories! Weve got it! Lanterns, umbrellas, vases and more. Click here to see our simple, yet attractive and affordable Oriental lanterns!
Oriental Pictures
Bamboo embroidery! Shell pictures! Silk Prints! You name it, we've got it! For the very best in Oriental pictures, and the most affordable prices're at the right site!
Oriental Screens and Art
ge Selection of Oriental Art and Screen at discount Prices! Top Quality with easy on line Ordering. We are waiting for your visit!
Oriental Wall Scrolls
You receive quality and affordability, when you purchase one of these beautiful Chinese wall scrolls! Unbelievably low prices for exceptionally beautiful scrolls!
Paper Lanterns
Paper and cloth lanterns are special handicrafts in China. They are put up in the house or at the front door for decoration during festivals, wedding, and other celebrations.
Parasols and Umbrellas
Handcrafted in China, our oiled paper parasols are beautifully hand painted and hand made with bamboo ribs and a bamboo handle. Inexpensive they make great chinese and japanese party decor!
Satsuma Items
Satsuma art has been around for centuries. Its influence can be seen in interior decorating with the use of vases, bowls and decorative stands. Art pieces of Satsuma origin often consist of intricate and highly detailed designs.
See No Evil
Great Gift Idea! These figurines say it all. Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil. All made of ceramic bisque and priced at a mere 11.99. This classic trio has been redone animal style! What evil would ever dare to come around with these four wat
Smoking Items
These smokin hot items range from unique gothic ashtrays to hand crafted indian pipes to hookas and more. You will be thrilled with the value you find in these unique items. Give as a gift or keep them close to your gothic heart.
Sword Style Letter Openers
These unique Sword Style Letter openers and Mini Swords are a great conversational piece as well as a great way to spice up your office and desk. Own a piece of history and that is unique and usable.
Tea Sets and Accessories
There are many different kinds of tea in the world, including green tea, black tea, ginseng tea, ginger tea, cinnamon tea, citron tea and jasmine tea. Among them, the most popular tea in Asia would be green tea.
Terra Cotta Warriors
Terra Cotta Warriors reproduced from the historical Warriors of ancient China! Art gallery quality at near wholesale pricesTerra Cotta Warriors reproduced from the historical Warriors of ancient China! Art gallery quality at near wholesale prices
Tigers There are five varieties of tigers, known as subspecies. The different subspecies are found in areas of Asia, India, and Russia. The largest and palest subspecies is found in snowy Russia. The smallest and darkest subspecies is found farther sout
Wonderful windchimes, delightful tinkling or exotic, woodsy clacks? Infuse your living area with your choice of the magical sounds of either metal or wooden wind chimes for Feng Shui.
HUGE Discount! Only 2.99 and up. Wonderful World of Figurines! Marked Down Over 60 Percent Off. Come Join Our Site!
Figurines, statues and other decorative items of one of Nature's most beautiful and mysterious creatures: The Wolf.
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