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 The term Buddha means "Awakened." As one fully comprehends the Four Noble Truths and as they arise from the slumbers of ignorance one is called a Buddha. When one not only comprehends but also expounds the doctrine and enlightens others, they are called a Samma-Sambuddha - a Fully Enlightened One.

Before enlightenment Siddhārtha Gautama was a bodhisattva which means one who is aspiring to attain Buddhahood. He was not born a Buddha, but became a Buddha by his own efforts. Every aspirant to Buddhahood passes through the bodhisattva period - a period comprising many lives over a vast period of time. During this period he undergoes intensive spiritual exercises and develops to perfection the qualities of generosity, discipline, renunciation, wisdom, energy, endurance, truthfulness, determination, benevolence and perfect equanimity. In a particular era there arises only one Fully Enlightened Buddha. Just as certain plants and trees can bear only one flower, even so one world-system can bear only one Fully Enlightened Buddha.

"Monks, there is one person whose birth into this world is for the welfare and happiness of many, out of compassion for the world, for the gain and welfare and happiness of gods and humanity. Who is this one person? It is the Tathâgata, who is a Worthy One, a Fully Enlightened One"  ~ Anguttara Nikaya

The Buddha is a unique being. Such a being arises but rarely in this world, and is born out of compassion for the world, for the good, benefit, and happiness of gods and men.

Buddha Boys
Buddha Boys in a variety of poses. Each one is adorable and full of life! These cute little guys are just waiting for someone to take them home! At these great prices, they make excellent gifts, too. Order today!
Fertility Buddha
Great to give to a young couple as a wedding gift to encourage a large family and happiness in their children. The fertility buddha is a beautiful and thoughtful present for anyone wanting children or having children.
Happy Buddha
These are beautiful and wonderful to place in your home to bring peace and happiness. Happy Buddhas are always smiling and will bring a smile to your face.
Keychain Buddhas
These darling little Buddah will easily attach to a keychain, coat zipper or dash board to bring you good luck, wealth, and grant wishes where ever you travel. They are approximaly 1 to 1 and 1 half inches tall and golden in color. A perfect gift idea!
Love Buddhas/Kwan Yin Figurines
Feng Shui teaches that certain rooms may attract or repel love. To attract love, Feng Shui accessories such as Asian goddesses may be used in bedrooms or in the romantic area of the Feng Shui map.
Pocket Buddhas
Take a little Buddha everywhere you go! These little guys will help you remember important life lessons, no matter where you are.
Prosperity Buddha
In the Ancient Art of Feng Shui, the Prosperity Money Buddha brings money and good luck to home and business. A prosperity Buddha is placed by the front door to bring in wealth by greeting your customers and friends.
Safe Travel Buddha
These Buddhas represent safe travel and exciting adventures ahead. They are believed to protect travelers, and they also invite adventures, travel and excitement into the lives of those who desire it.
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