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Body Rocks Jewels and Crystals

Body Rocks Jewels and Crystals

Body Art History

Since before Cleopatra trimmed her eyes in black kohl,ink and jewels have been used for skin ornamentation. Numerous civilizations throughout history used inks on their skin to make symbols,and to send messages and statements. This history evolved to the point where today we can often find several tattoo parlors located in one city. But body ornamentation today does not have to be permanent. Numerous options are available.

Influences of Body Art

We may not all have traveled to India or Africa,but at some point or another,we have seen photos...usually in National Geographic Magazine,of the unique fashions of those countries. Indian and African women are often seen adorned with beautiful jewels and fascinating ink designs.

Body Rock Jewels

Today body art has moved from National Geographic Magazine to VOGUE Magazine! Paris runways have the latest in body art on 5 ft 10 inch models on the cat walk. Their predecessors may have been 5 ft 5 inch Australian aborigines on a walk about. Everything old is become new again as the saying goes. And now Body Rock Jewelry is the latest in body art fashion. It is eyecatching and most important...removable. Birthstone faux gems are available in differnent colors. With body rock gems,nothing is permanent,but everything looks good! We don't call them rocks because of their size...we call them rocks because plain and simply...they rock!!!

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