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The Blowgun is a very powerful weapon. More powerful than most people think. It is known as the Breath of Death. The longer the barrel or tubing of your blowgun, the further your dart will go. With a little practice you can hit your target consistently every time.

Blowguns-The History

Blowguns have a long history. Historians believe it first came about in Malaysia. They were made from bamboo and reeds that were growing naturally. Men and women used them for hunting small birds and other small animals. They found out shortly after that poisoned darts would allow them to kill larger game. The Blowgun has advanced tremendously since then, but are still used for the same purposes.

Blowgunsasa Weapon

Blowguns today are made out of steel, aluminum, brass, plastic and many other materials. They still have the effectiveness theydid back then, only up dated. Hope you enjoy our selection of Blowguns.

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15 inch Blowgun with Paintballs
Blowgun 15" with Paintballs
MSRP: $9.99
Price: $4.99
You Save: $5.00 (50 %)
Blowgun 15" with Paintballs
We are overstocked and passing the savings on to you. These great little weapons shoot paintball, darts, stun darts and more. Hunt for birds, small game or just target practice. You can't lose at this incredibly low low price. Great gift items
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