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African American Figurines

Black Art

Black art is literally the oldest art in history. With man's origins starting on the continent of Africa, African hieroglyphics, sculptures, masks, and scrolls have lasted down through the centuries. These art objects have made a lasting impression and their influence can be seen throughout the world today.

Modern Black Art

Modern Black Art came into its own in the early 20th century with the art of such African American icons as Aaron Douglas, William Henry Johnson, Henry O.Tanner, Elizabeth Catlett and others. Although many African American artists moved to Europe to gain recognition for their achievements and talent, others flourished during what is today known as one of the biggest movements in art history...the Harlem Renaissance. This surgence of Black art has gone on to influence various races and nationalities of everyone from writers, to singers, to musicians, to painters, to sculpturors and more!

African American Figurines

African American figurines of the new millennium are selling fast and furious! These charming figurines show African American characters in engaging situations that will bring a smile your face. Mother, father and child sitting on a pew in church. Church sisters enjoying a good sermon. Those are just a couple of the scenarios that greet the viewer or purchaser of these charming figurines!

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